Bulk SMS

Stay in touch with your consumers at any time and from anywhere.

Bulk sms services can be sent through an easy and effective platform. With a single click, you can send millions of promotional, transactional, implicit, explicit, reminders, OTPs, and alerts.

Send SMS and follow the delivery of Online Messages.

Send a text message right away and get real-time reporting.

With a +90% open rate, bulk sms is the most popular method of approaching customers. We've established ourselves as India's leading Bulk SMS provider, with a registered brand name of Samb Webs. Using industry-specific best practises, we've satisfied millions of clients. We are firm believers in complete transparency. Send bulk text messages in real time and get delivery data that are precise. Samb Webs offers a simple platform for starting an SMS campaign.

Advantages of Bulk SMS Services

Trusted, reliable, efficient, cost effective & more

Why is it worthwhile to invest in bulk SMS?

The advantages of bulk text messaging services are numerous. It is the most practical and successful method of reaching a large audience.

Bulk SMS Powerful Features

Create, send & manage all the campaigns from one place

  • Powerful Dashboard

    Powerful Dashboard

    Send several bulk SMS messages from the dashboard and keep track of everything in one location.

  • SMS Template 18/110

    SMS Template

    Our software is built to map SMS templates that have previously been approved by the DLT platform and are associated with your Entity id.

  • Select Language

    Select Language

    For national and regional languages, we offer a unicode SMS service. Send SMS messages with Unicodes to your regional audiences.

  • Dynamic Field

    Dynamic Excel Upload

    We provide dynamic content/tags to add important information to your SMS and personalise your campaign.

  • High Speed

    High Speed

    To ensure that your SMS is sent on time to your potential consumers, we use a high-speed SMS gateway.

  • Sender ID

    Sender ID

    To send SMS, get a sender ID based on the name of the company that has been pre-approved from DLT headers.

  • Upload a Contact List

    Upload a Contact List

    With our simple upload option, you may create a database with all of your audience's contact names and numbers.

  • Long Length Messages

    Long Length Messages

    Our software allows you to send messages that are longer than the standard SMS restriction of 160 characters.

  • DLT Compliance

    DLT Compliance

    To maintain transparency and keep our end customers safe, we adhere to the most recent DLT regulations.

What is an bulk SMS Gateway?

Bulk SMS gateways allow you to connect your existing system to SMS APIs. It's critical to select a bulk SMS gateway that offers high-quality service, real-time delivery reports, and transparency. We are a dependable bulk SMS gateway supplier dedicated to your long-term success. Our SMS gateway interfaces seamlessly with any system that needs to communicate with customers. The SMS gateway from Samb Webs can help you increase your customer base, engagement levels, sales, and audience loyalty.

Bulk SMS

Transactional / OTP SMS

Interact and engage with your customers in real time by using transactional SMS services. We offer a fully managed SMS API that allows you to do more than just deliver messages.Samb Webs allows you to plan text messages, manage contacts, and track delivery in real time. To transfer transactions sms over numerous networks, we use complex routing technology. Use our platform to transmit information, notifications, and OTP to non-DND mobile phones 24*7.

Promotional / Marketing SMS

Customers are sent discounts and promotional offers via promotional sms services. With just a few clicks, you can send bulk personalised SMS to your customers. Set up an SMS campaign with our simple platform and keep your clients informed by sending regular alerts and offer codes. To send such messages, a Sender ID or Header is created. ID does not allow the use of alphabetic characters. We provide you with instant deliverability and accurate delivery reports once you've set up your account. Our promotional bulk sms services are designed to promote your business and increase engagement.

Transactional SMS or Promotional SMS,
we’ve got you covered

Our sms services are perfectly tailored to your business needs. Generate new leads with effective messaging solutions.

Transactional Bulk SMS

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is used to send OTPs, order notification, and other informational details
We use advanced filters to send SMS on DND and Non DND routes
Transactional sms can be quickly sent with no time restrictions.
Based on TRAI guidelines transactional sms route comes under banks. The banks will use transactional routes to deliver OTP on the user’s mobile.
Sender ID is approved by operator at DLT. The ID consists of any 6 alphabetic characters.

Transactional: Implicit

As per TRAI,new rules are introduced to protect the user from fraudulent practices.

  • Informative messages, OTP comes into the implicit sms
  • Transactional event, alerts related to product/service can be sent
  • Government, private and MNC banks can use transactional sms
  • Bank will create a unique header ID using 6 alphabetic characters
Promotional Bulk SMS

Promotional SMS

Promotional sms are used to inform customers about the latest deals, offers, discount coupons and other advertising offers.
We deliver SMS on Non DND numbers through an easy to use platform.
Online Messages can be delivered only between 9 AM - 9 PM slot.
Customers can select the time frame preference to receive promotional sms.
Sender ID is created by the operator to deliver promotional SMS. Every ID is unique and consists of numeric digits.

Promotional: Explicit

As per TRAI guidelines, implicit and explicit service routes are introduced.

  • Promotional SMS comes under the explicit category
  • Implicit route can’t be used to send promotional SMS
  • SMS can be sent to users only after receiving their consent.
  • Send sms to non DND numbers using the explicit route to Opt-In

Why Use the Samb Webs SMS Gateway?

Bulk sms services designed to deliver millions of sms at one go

Direct operator connectivity

Multiple operator routes with direct connectivity are used to divide the load and deliver SMS quickly

Personalized sms

Customized SMS features based on customer’s data to easily send custom messages

bulk sms service


Easy to use dashboard to Check SMS delivery reporting

bulk sms service provider

Mobile friendly interface

Easy to use interface to send sms directly from mobile device.

bulk sms india

Cost effective Bulk sms service

An Easy to use and effective platform for budget services.


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